Aura Underwater Light

Aura Marine Light

The perfect solution to enhancing any waterfront location. The Aura submersible light brings to life a natural marine aquarium in an explosion of light and color!

Extend Your Landscape

The design of the Aura light raises the bulb from the seabed to provide the brightest, widest display of color and light. This prevents silt covering the lens and discourages barnacle / algae growth whilst maintaining the light output.

Bring Your Dock To Life

An Aura light brings your dock to life after dark, creating a totally new landscape for you to enjoy whilst enhancing your property’s appearance. Dark waters are transformed into a private aquarium illuminated with color.

Experience A New Way of Fishing

Avoid distracting reflections and bugs associated with lights mounted on the dock facing the water. Underwater lighting is much more effective at attracting all types of fish.

Safety & Security

Marinas and docks of all sizes benefit from the extra illumination provided by the Aura light. It helps identify boat slips for easy access after dark, providing added security and preventing unnecessary damage to the boats.

Paint the Water with Color & Light

Available with 250W UV-optimized white, green or blue bulbs, you can customize Aura light to your environment. Whether it’s deep, clear ocean water in the Bahamas or a shallow inland lake, there's an Aura for you.

21,000 Lumens

Not all lights are created equal! The Aura light shines brighter while other marine lights drown.

See the difference!

High Impact Dome

Durable glass dome protects the bulb from impact. Run for 4 hours daily to prevent build-up of algae and maintain light output.

Replaceable bulb

Readily available metal halide E39 'mogul' bulbs can be easily replaced. Average lamp life is 10,000 hours.

Sinks to Depths of 16.5 ft

Ultra marine-grade 316 stainless steel bolts, glands and gaskets combine to provide water-tight seals for depths up to 16.5 feet.

Horizontal Piling Mount

Supplied with horizontal mounting bracket, curved base and strap hole for horizontal mounting on a piling.

Eyebolt for Accurate Positioning

Eyebolt on the top of the body allows the light to be safely lowered into the water by rope.

Secure Positioning

PSU sea spike and 48 pound weight ensure secure positioning on the sea bed and eliminate drift.

3 Year Warranty

The Aura Marine Light three-year warranty is quite simply the best in the market! You won't find a more reliable underwater light.

Show Your Colors

The Aura Marine Light is available in three colors: white, blue and green.


Best for
  • Clear Water


Best for
  • Clear Water
  • Cloudy Water


Best for
  • Clear Water
  • Cloudy Water
  • Murky Water

Own It!

Bring your water to life

  • Ultra-bright 21,000 lumens
  • 3 year warranty
  • Sinks to depths of 16ft / 1.5 bar
  • White, blue or green light
  • Sea spike for secure setup
  • 50lb weight for stability
  • Integrated ballast
  • Easily replaceable bulbs

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